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Teach you how to choose good stainless steel kitchenware


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Stainless steel has experienced 60 years of development, and stainless steel is just a common name for it. Its composition mainly includes iron, chromium, nickel, etc. In fact, stainless steel is roughly divided into chrome stainless steel and chrome-nickel stainless steel. Widely used because of its anti-corrosive properties, it generally does not rust in the atmosphere. Therefore, most of the kitchens in today's homes are made of stainless steel. But stainless steel is not the same, and the existing stainless steel on the market has good and bad points, but how can we choose good Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils?

1. In terms of thickness, we can easily make a comparison. When choosing a stainless steel kitchen utensil, just pay attention to its thickness, you can easily distinguish it. You can also press the surface of the stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils. if you can press it down, it means that the material is very thin, such stainless steel should not be selected.

2. In weight comparison, because of the addition of nickel and chromium in stainless steel, and these metals belong to the heavy metal category, the weight of this metal is much larger than steel, so the general weight is relatively light, basically can be judged as counterfeit and inferior products.

3. It can also be observed in the process. Generally, stainless steel kitchen utensils are divided into two types: welding method and integral molding method. Some stainless steel cookware, which looks similar in appearance, but the price is quite different, which includes the factors of making materials and the cost of the manufacturing process. In general, the one-piece stainless steel kitchen utensils are much better than the welding method, so be sure to look carefully when you buy them. You can know if they are good or bad by touching them. Iron pan and copper shovel can prevent anemia.

The Japanese call our iron pot a [Blood-tonifying pot", and the iron pot and the copper shovel will work better together. Now people`s call for restoring the [iron pot copper shovel" is getting higher and higher. In today's society, it is very important. Together, they can play a complementary role and help people's health. Especially in terms of blood supplement, they have very good effects.

"Iron pot copper shovel" cooking out health.

The iron pot contains the iron elements that humans need, and the copper shovel contains the copper elements that humans need. Combining the two elements, you can already eat and have health care while you are unconsciously.

When cooking with both of them, the iron pan is added with some vinegar, salt and other seasonings under high temperature. When the copper shovel stirs these back and forth, the inorganic iron filings that have fallen off the iron pan are unconsciously Copper is dissolved in human food. When a meal comes down, the amount of iron and copper in normal people will increase by 10-19 times.

These elements are transformed into some inorganic copper and iron salts in the stomach of the human body due to the action of stomach acid. When swimming in the intestines, they are absorbed and utilized by the body, thereby supplementing the iron of the blood needed by the body. The copper element has not to be ignored negligible function on the body's metabolism. With its existence, health care will be much easier.

Therefore, if we want to eat healthily and live a long life, we should not only work hard on the materials of food, but also on the kitchen utensils. This kind of "iron pot and copper shovel" collocation can be said to be beneficial but harmless to the body.

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