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Baby tableware must pay attention to, choose what material is good?



The exquisite baby tableware on the market makes the parents dazzled. Which kind of tableware is more suitable for daily use? Baby tableware can be generally divided into plastic, wood, imitation porcelain, stainless steel and so on. So, what kind of material is better for baby tableware?

1. Imitation porcelain tableware:

The most practical but the quality is difficult to protect. The texture is soft, smooth like porcelain but very thin, not afraid of falling and not deforming, the performance of insulation is also very good and not hot hands. The melamine tableware is more complicated to make, so it is easy to adulterate. Many companies use toxic urea-formaldehyde molding powders instead of normal resin materials because molding powders are much cheaper.

Tip: The bottom of regular melamine tableware has company details, production license QS logo and serial number. Also depends on whether the product is evenly colored, deformed, and smooth. After buying home, boil for half an hour with boiling water, then boil for half an hour, repeat four times. If there are white and black spots, it is a defective product.

2, plastic tableware:

Let your baby love to eat more. Looks good, can make your baby more interested in eating, and prevent falling. It is easy to adhere to grease stains, difficult to clean, and easy to edge and edge after rubbing, resulting in unsafe.

Tip: Not suitable for foods that require heat preservation and too much oil. It is best to choose colorless transparent or plain. If you want to attract the attention of your baby, you can bring flowers outside the tableware, but you can't bring flowers on the inside. Never buy plastic tableware with smells scented and colors messy.

3, stainless steel tableware:

Suitable for drinking water. Mom is most assured: good scrubbing, not easy to germinate bacteria, less chemical elements, suitable for drinking water. Stainless steel tableware is easy to be hot, and unqualified heavy metal content can endanger health. Vegetable soup can't be stored for a long time, because the soup often contains acidic substances, will dissolve the nickel and chromium in the unqualified stainless steel tableware, these heavy metals are eaten into the stomach by the baby, will affect the brain and heart health.

Tip: Stainless steel meal has three codes: [13-0", [18-0" and [18-8". The number in front of the code indicates the chromium content and the latter represents the nickel content. Chromium is a material that does not rust the product. Nickel is a corrosion-resistant material. The higher the nickel content, the better the quality. However, nickel and chromium are heavy metals, so it is necessary to choose products that are technically sound, quality, and meet national standards. Also be careful not to use stainless steel tableware to hold acidic foods.

4, ceramic, glass tableware:

Environmentally friendly but fragile. Glass and ceramics are the main utensils used by adults. They are environmentally friendly and well-developed. Ceramic and glass tableware are easy to break and will hurt your baby.

Tip: Glass and ceramics are really safe cutlery, the biggest problem is fragility. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the ceramic tableware to buy underglaze color. The method of selection is very simple, that is, the ceramic tableware with a smooth surface and no sense of pattern. Of course, if it is a ceramic dish with a solid color and no pattern and a smooth surface, it is better.

5, bamboo and wood tableware:

Wooden tableware can be bought without painting. If the baby tableware is made of wood, it will be warmer, more natural, and the texture will be more delicate and soft, so it is not easy to hurt the baby. Not easy to clean, easy to germinate bacteria. Decorative paint is toxic.

Tip: Buy wooden or bamboo tableware, it is best not to buy a shiny or painted surface. Because most paint-decorated tableware contains lead, long-term use is not good for your baby's health. It is best to use it naturally.

6, enamel tableware:

Good tableware that fades away. Good insulation and less harmful substances. After being beaten many times, it is easy to be deformed. Porcelain is easy to fall off and is eaten into the stomach by the baby. The production cost is high and the process is cumbersome, so it is rarely seen.

Tip: Enamel tableware is very suitable for babies, but it can't be used for too long. It must be replaced for a while to prevent the porcelain from eating. Also be careful not to buy patterns on the inner wall.

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